Cummins QuickServe Online
Customized Parts Catalog
Buy new Cummins Service Publications direct from Cummins Inc.

Comprehensive manuals that provide detailed information on how to maintain and repair your Cummins engine.

Easy to search and find the information specific to your engine series.
Mechanical Service Tools are now available through Cummins Inc directly.

Our Cummins branded service tools belong in anyone's toolbox. Especially unique, Cummins designed tools that may be hard to find can be easily purchased online, at a click of a button. Get your great quality Cummins tools today!
Cummins Virtual College allows you the opportunity to learn about new products at your own pace, when your schedule allows.

At Cummins, we focus training on improving customer satisfaction, fixing products right the first time, and helping you to work more efficiently.
Cummins Electronic Tools help diagnose your Cummins electronic engines.

Precise, robust and efficient troubleshooting and diagnostics.

These tools provide quick and easy access to the engine's electronic performance system enabling faster turnaround times.
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